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Intuitive Medium, Healer & Reiki

Alma comes from the Latin word for soul. Your soul is the purest form of what makes you - you. It is you, in pure joy, without fear, judgement or resistance. At Alma Healing we can communicate with your soul to understand your personal journey and help you grow in Clarity & Ease

Subconscious Beliefs ~


Our subconscious mind is powerful. It is constantly running in the background of our experience, gathering information, processing emotions and defining "rules" to keep us safe.  Some rules have been formed correctly in our brain - "a hot stove will burn if I touch it", some rules haven't  - "I have to work hard to be loved".

We've been conditioned since birth. Our parents, our families, our friends & society have invisibly been structuring our experience in the world. When this conditioning goes against what we consciously want we feel pain, resistance and pressure.

If our brains are like a computer, Subconscious beliefs are like faulty computer programming. No matter how hard we try to change the situation, the programming will always default to the improperly written code.

You're on a journey of self-help. You've done the therapy. You've done the mantras. You've done the mindfullness. But if the underlying foundation is faulty, if what you want goes against the "rules" it will be hard to get there.

Alma Healing uses your body to let us know what the unconscious beliefs you are holding, and through energy work helps to release and heal. Through a combination of intuition and reiki a session will gently and simply change the subconscious programming.




Alma Healing Services are for everyone.  No specific beliefs or philosophies are necessary.  I've worked with people from all walks of life, all belief systems and professions.


Sessions are unique to you and your needs.  We will focus on the areas that are of particular interest to you, and see what else comes up.


Alma Healing, Readings & Reiki sessions are via video chat anywhere from in the world. You may also request an in-person session in Los Angeles. 

Intuitive Readings   Readings  can consist of talking to your soul, your spirit guides, loved ones who have passed on, energy readings of your physical body for health issues and past life lessons.

Reiki    In person and distance. Reiki is a calming and relaxing form of energy healing, useful for stress, emotional and physical ailments.

Alma Healing    A unique healing session that combines the deep healing practice of removing self-limiting beliefs and reconnecting in the body through Reiki, grounding exercises or emotional connection work.


I was a little skeptical at first to talk to someone that has empathic capabilities. It's difficult to be so incredibly vulnerable with a stranger. But, my instincts were saying "yes" and so I followed them. I am so grateful that I did. It was an easy relaxed skype session where Kate asked me a few questions before launching into the session. I was amazed by how much she understood or knew about me without me saying a word...Deeply personal things that I've never told anyone. For instance, one thing she mentioned was that I had a strong passion for the theatre. It took me be surprise when she said this because it was unquestionably true. I don't audition for theatre often but I love it. Since my session with her, I've performed in three shows and I am currently participating in a Shakespeare Repertory Theatre. I feel amazing. Thanks to Kate I have gotten back to the career basics and I couldn't be happier! She is the real deal.


About Me

I didn't start out to be a psychic. I started out as an actor. As an actor, I studied about human emotions and motivations, why people do the things they do, and what they want from their actions. Working so intimately with emotions for so many years I started researching self help, mostly for my own issues.  I've always felt a connection and fascination with intuition and the esoteric; there was a deep calling, and I began to search.  Through gifted teachers, mentors and healers I strengthened my intuition, learned how to heal and grow through spiritual counseling and I felt my soul come to life. I knew this was how I was meant to be in service and help others. This was the work I had come here to do. 

Since then I have dedicated my time to learning and growing in Spirit. I have fallen in love with this work, and guiding people to listen to their inner selves.

I work on my own subconscious beliefs almost every day. I am amazed at times how deep and winding the thoughts of the brain are, and how much control they have over my reactions in everyday life. I remain, as always, a work in progress.


Contact Me

If you are curious about an Alma Healing or Intuitive Reading, but aren't sure if it's for you or would like to chat with me first, please schedule a free 15 minute video chat. 

I am happy to answer any questions regarding process, procedure or policy via email.

Follow my adventures on social media! Lots of pics of yummy food, my cats, things I find beautiful or funny and all the experiences that make me happy.

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